When it comes to legal translation, Linguists World understands that there is absolutely no room for errors. Errors can cost thousands, even millions of dollars, and this is inexcusable. We strive to provide accuracy in each legal translation project, and offer services for a wide variety of languages.

In addition to accurate translation, our team of professionals working on legal translations specialize in these types of documents. This means that they are familiar with the language required for legal documents, ensuring a more professional and accurate result for each client. When the project is not translated according to these standards, the effectiveness is vastly diminished and the project fails for everyone involved.

Linguists World specializes in aiding many legal groups, including large or small volume litigation projects, corporate cases, and transactional legal projects. We also offer legal translation services for private individuals at very affordable prices. Legal translation services typically include:

  • Depositions
  • Medical Evaluations
  • Settlement-Related Documents
  • Hearing and Trial Documents
  • Legal Office Meetings

The law is unyielding, so it is crucial to understand each word in a legal document. Cases may be won or lost depending on how well both parties understand each other, so be sure that you are getting the quality of service that you need to ensure success for your case.

We can provide rush services for legal translation projects, so if you need the translation quickly please let us know up front. There may be an additional fee for rush orders, but our staff can handle almost any rush request. When providing the price quote information, be sure to specify the desired deadline for the project.

Contact us today to get started on your legal translation project!

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